You Can Cry On My Shoulder

Song information

Author: Berry Gordy
Album title: Ben
Year of release: 1972
Duration: 2:32
Just because you know I love you so much
Don't be afraid to tell me you're sad
Because you lost his love
Though your love is not for me
I don't wanna see you in misery
So come on, baby, come on

You can cry on my shoulder
You can cry on my shoulder
And bring all your troubles to me
All your troubles to me

Big girls ain't supposed to cry
If you do, I'll understand
Maybe I can show you how you can win his love again
It may seem strange I know
But it's just that I love you so
Come on, baby, come on

(* Repeat with ad lib)

Girl, you've given him all you had
He'd better stop treating you so bad
Come on, baby, come on, oh

(* Repeat with ad lib and fade)
Song recording information:
  • Produced by Hal Davis
  • Arranged by Gene Page