The London Symphony Orchestra — Rock Symphonies Vol. II

Album information

Source of album track list and covers: record „465961 2“. Tracklisting and artwork of other album's records may differ.

Year of release: 1989
Record label: Portrait
Album produced by: Jeff Jarratt, Don Reedman
Tracks in album:
1. I Want It All [I]
2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For [I]
3. One Moment In Time [I]
4. The First Time [I]
5. Eternal Flame [I]
6. Eloise [I]
7. Keeping The Dream Alive [I]
8. The Living Years [I]
9. In The Air Tonight [I]
10. Smooth Criminal [I]
11. Groovy Kind Of Love [I]
12. Against All Odds [I]
13. Sailing [I]