Johnny Raven

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Autorius: Billy Page
Albumo pavadinimas: Music & Me
Išleidimo metai: 1973
Trukmė: 3:31
Dainos žodžiai:
(He's born to be wild)

Free and untamed, that's how I've grown
(He's Johnny Raven)
Settling down ain't my nature
Roots I'll never own (It's Johnny Raven)
Oh, yes, now, hmmm...
But tell me, ain't your child
How can you cage a bird born to be wild
(Born to be wild)

I'm Johnny Raven (He's Johnny Raven)
By and by (By and by)
Oh, I'm gonna leave your nest, girl
Another nest to try
Oooh, Johnny Raven
Girl, you know I shouldn't have loved you
Yeah, but I gotta leave you
When my restless heart says „Goodbye“

Look at you, little girl
You feel love so deep, yeah, yeah
If I could change in a second
I'd change for you like that
Stay right here for keeps
But I'm home free for no thrills
Stray I will
Seems I gotta need one girl never can feel, yeah

(* Repeat with ad lib)

Everybody knows my name
I'm Johnny Raven, yeah, yeah
By and by (He's Johnny Raven)
Ooooh, I'm gonna fly when you cry
Part of me is gonna die
Ooooh, I'm Johnny Raven, yeah, yeah
By and by
I'm gonna fly when you cry, yeah
Part of me is gonna die

(Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, he's Johnny Raven)

(** Repeat and fade)
Dainos įrašo informacija:
  • Produced by Hal Davis
  • Arranged by Gene Page
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