Too Young

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Autoriai: Sidney Lippman, Sylvia Dee
Albumo pavadinimas: Music & Me
Išleidimo metai: 1973
Trukmė: 3:37
Dainos žodžiai:
They try to tell us we're too young
Too young to really be in love
They say that love's a word
A word we've only heard
But can't begin to know the meaning yet

And yet we're not too young to know
This love will last though years may go
And then someday they may recall
We were not too young at all

(They try to tell us we're too young)
(Too young to really be in love, ooooh)

(* Repeat)

(We're not too young, we're not too young)
At all
Dainos įrašo informacija:
  • Produced by Hal Davis
  • Arranged by Gene Page
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