You Are My Life

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Autoriai: Maiklas Džeksonas, Babyface, Carole Bayer Sager, John McClain
Albumo pavadinimas: Invincible
Išleidimo metai: 2001
Trukmė: 4:33
Dainos žodžiai:
Once all alone
I was lost in a world of strangers
No one to trust
On my own, I was lonely
You suddenly appeared
It was cloudy before but now it's clear
You took away the fear
You brought me back to life

You are the sun
You make me shine
Or more like the stars
That twinkle at night
You are the moon
That glows in my heart
You're my daytime my nighttime
My world
You're my life

Now I wake up everyday
With this smile upon my face
No more tears, no more pain
'Cause you love me
You help me understand
That love is the answer to all that I am
And I'm a better man
You taught me by sharing your life


You gave me strength
When I wasn't strong
You gave me hope when all hope is lost
You opened my eyes when I couldn't see
Love was always here waiting for me
Dainos įrašo informacija:
  • Produced by Michael Jackson and Babyface
  • Lead Vocal by Michael Jackson
  • Background Vocals by Michael Jackson and Babyface
  • Acoustic Guitar: Babyface
  • Keyboards: Babyface
  • Drum Programming: Babyface
  • Bass Guitar: Babyface
  • Choir: Jason Edmonds, Nathan „N8“ Walton, Tabia Ivery, Lynne Fiddmont-Lindsey
  • Recorded and Mixed at Brandon's Way Recording
  • Engineered by Paul Boutin
  • Mixed by Jon Gass
  • Mix Assistants: Kb and EQ
  • Strings Recorded at Capitol Studios
  • Arranged by Bill Meyers
  • Engineered by Tommy Vicari
  • Assisted by Steve Genewick
  • Production Coordinator: Ivy Skoff
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Maiklas Džeksonas — Invincible 4:33 2001