Dangerous: The Remix Collection

Album information

Source of album track list and covers: record „ESCA 5801“. Tracklisting and artwork of other album's records may differ.

Year of release: 1993
Record label: Epic
Tracks in album:
1. Black Or White (The C&C House/Club Mix) 7:36 [R]
2. Remember The Time (New Jack Main Mix) 6:49 [R]
3. Remember The Time (Acapella) 3:38 [R]
4. In The Closet (The Reprise) 2:46 [R]
5. In The Closet (The Underground Mix) 5:40 [R]
6. Who Is It (Lakeside Dub) 6:40 [R]
7. Who Is It (Moby's Raw Mercy Dub) 9:02 [R]
8. Jam (Silky 7") 4:14 [R]
9. Jam (Roger's Jeep Mix) 6:05 [R]
10. Give In To Me (Vocal Version) 4:43 [R]