Farewell My Summer Love

Album information

Source of album track list and covers: record „6101ML“. Tracklisting and artwork of other album's records may differ.

Year of release: 1984
Record label: Motown
Album produced by: Tony Peluso, Michael Lovesmith, Steve Barri
Tracks in album:
1. Don't Let It Get You Down 3:01 [N]
2. You've Really Got A Hold On Me 3:30 [N]
3. Melodie 3:21 [N]
4. Touch The One You Love 2:47 [N]
5. Girl You're So Together 3:09 [N]
6. Farewell My Summer Love 4:21 [N]
7. Call On Me 3:38 [N]
8. Here I Am (Come And Take Me) 2:53 [N]
9. To Make My Father Proud 4:04 [N]