Cinderella Stay Awhile

Song information

Authors: Mack David, Michael Sutton
Album title: Forever, Michael
Year of release: 1975
Duration: 3:11
(Fairy tales make-believe then you)
(Fairy tales make-believe then you)

Cinderella, stay awhile
You're the one that I've been lookin' for
Cinderella, when you smile
All around me sunbeams start to fall
Midnight is so near
Please don't disappear
Now that you are here
Stay awhile, hmmm... hmmm...

Cinderella, I just know
That the magic slipper's gonna to fit
Cinderella, do not go
You're my princess, I am sure of it

This is love for sure
Love that's sweet and pure
Love that will endure
Stay awhile

When you speak the angels all sing, hmmm...
This is the kind of magic you bring, oh-oh-oh

Cinderella, stay awhile
This is like a fairytale with you
Cinderella, when you smile
All my fairytales are comin' true
Well, my only fear is midnight is near
Please don't disappear
Stay awhile, oh

(* Repeat)

Cinderella, stay awhile
Don't you go

(** Repeat with ad lib and fade)
Song recording information:
  • Produced by Hal Davis
  • Arranged by David Blumberg
Song released in albums:
Song type Album title, song's alt. title Duration Year of release
Michael Jackson — Forever, Michael 3:11 1975
Michael Jackson — Motown Legends 3:13 1993
Michael Jackson — The Best Of Michael Jackson (Anthology Series) 3:10 1995
Michael Jackson — Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection 3:14 2009