In The Back

Song information

Author: Michael Jackson
Album title: The Ultimate Collection
Year of release: 2004
Duration: 4:31
Song recording information:
  • Recorded 1994-2004
  • Produced by Michael Jackson
  • Solo and Background Vocals by Michael Jackson
  • Engineered by Michael Prince, Brad Buxer, Mick Guzauski, Bill Bottrell, Bobby Brooks, Eddie De Lena
  • Assistant Engineers: Rob Hoffman, Tony Duino Black, Jeff Demorris, Jon Mooney, Paul Dicato
  • Soprano Voice: Linda Harmon
  • Arrangement by Michael Jackson
  • String and Harp Arrangement by Michael Jackson and Brad Buxer
  • Keyboards, Synthesizers, Programming: Michael Jackson, Brad Buxer, Michael Boddicker
  • Bass: Bill Bottrell, Seku Bunch, Niel Jason
  • Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa, Eric Anest
  • Congas: Lenny Castro
  • Drums, Percussion: Bill Bottrell, Rayford Griffin
  • Guitar: Bill Bottrell, Tom Langford Scoble
  • Harp: Gayle Levvant
  • Organ: Billy Preston
  • Trumpet: Jeff Klevit
  • Strings Conductor: Suzie Katayama
  • Strings: Suzie Katayama, Bruce Dukov, Joel Derouin, Berj Garbedian, Endre Granar, Ralph Morrison, Michele Richards, Eve Sprecher, Kenneth Yerke, Robert Becker, Mona Newman, Matthew Funes, Karie Prescott
  • Strings Contractor: Bruce Dukov
  • Orchestral Arrangement: George Del Barrio
  • Drum Programming: Michael Jackson, Brad Buxer, Charlie Bryant
  • Pro Tools Editing: Michael Prince
  • Digital Systems Programming: Matt Carpenter
  • Music Production Supervisor: Matt Forger
  • Production Coordinator: Michelle Bligh
  • Union Contracts: Terry Doty
  • Studios: The Hit Factory (New York), Record One (Los Angeles), Record Plant (Los Angeles)
Song released in albums:
Song type Album title, song's alt. title Duration Year of release
Michael Jackson — The Ultimate Collection 4:31 2004