Song information

Author: Michael Jackson
Album title: Blood On The Dance Floor - HIStory In The Mix
Year of release: 1997
Duration: 6:28
Song recording information:
  • Produced by Michael Jackson
  • Engineered by Keith Cohen, Eddie De Lena, Mick Guzauski, and Tim Boyle
  • Mixed by Keith Cohen
  • Lead Vocals by Michael Jackson
  • Background Vocals by Michael Jackson, Brad Buxer, Bill Bottrell, and Jon Mooney
  • Arrangement by Michael Jackson
  • Classical Arrangement by Michael Jackson
  • Vocal Arrangement by Michael Jackson
  • Rhythm Arrangement by Michael Jackson
  • Orchestral Arrangement by Jorge Del Barrio
  • Keyboards: Brad Buxer, and Keith Cohen
  • Synthesizers: Brad Buxer
  • Grand Piano: Brad Buxer
  • Percussion: Michael Jackson, Brad Buxer, and Bryan Loren
  • Drums: Michael Jackson
  • Guitar: Michael Jackson, and Slash
  • Violin: Robert Chausow
  • Viola: Juliet Haffner
  • Choir: Andrae Crouch Singers
  • Keyboard and Drum Programming: Statik
  • Synclavier Programming: Andrew Scheps
  • Digital Systems Programming: Matt Carpenter
  • Studios: The Hit Factory (N. Y.), The Record Plant (L. A.), Larrabee Studios (L. A.), Ocean Way Recording (L. A.)
  • Assistant Engineers: Rob Hoffman, Tony Duino Black, Jon Mooney, Paul Dicato, Steve Baughman, John Rodd, and Greg Burns
  • Contains an audio clip from „The Elephant Man“ courtesy of Paramount Pictures
Song released in albums:
Song type Album title, song's alt. title Duration Year of release
Michael Jackson — Blood On The Dance Floor - HIStory In The Mix 6:28 1997