With A Child's Heart

Song information

Authors: Sylvia Moy, Henry Cosby, Vicki Basemore
Album title: Music & Me
Year of release: 1973
Duration: 3:24
With a child's heart
Go face the worries of the day
With a child's heart
Turn each problem into play
No need to worry
No need to fear
Just being alive makes it all so very clear (Oooh-ooooh)

With a child's heart
Nothing can ever get you down (Ooooh-ooooh)
With the child's heart
You've got no reason to frown
(Love) Love is as welcome as the sun is sunny, sunny day
No grown up thoughts to leave our hearts astray

Take life easy, so easy (Easy)
Nice and easy (Easy)
Like a child so gay and so carefree


The who world's paths we've through
As you go your merry way (Ooooh-ooooh)

Oh, with a child's heart
Nothing's gonna get, nothing's gonna get
Nothing's gonna get me down

(* Repeat and fade)
Song recording information:
  • Produced by Freddie Perren and Fonce Mizell
  • Arranged by Freddie Perren