Pre-History - The Lost Steeltown Recordings

Album information

Source of album track list and covers: record „BRU 81015-2“. Tracklisting and artwork of other album's records may differ.

Year of release: 1996
Record label: Brunswick Records
Tracks in album:
1. Let Me Carry Your Schoolbooks [N]
2. I Never Had A Girl [N]
3. Monologue
4. Michael The Lover [N]
5. We Don't Have To Be Over 21 (To Fall In Love) [N]
6. Big Boy [N]
7. You've Changed
8. Jam Session (Part One)
9. My Girl [N]
10. Jam Session (Part Two)
11. Under The Boardwalk [N]
12. Soul Jerk [N]
13. Saturday Night At The Movies [N]
14. Tracks Of My Tears [N]