Girl Don't Take Your Love From Me

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Autorius: Willie Hutch
Albumo pavadinimas: Got To Be There
Išleidimo metai: 1972
Trukmė: 3:46
Dainos žodžiai:
No, no, no, no... (Repeat)

Ooooh, foolish of me, I couldn't see the forest for the trees
You've been so true, I've been so cruel to you
Oh, girl, please don't leave me

If you stay, I'll find a way to erase the past
Baby, don't leave me
Girl, don't take your love from me
Oh, girl

What can I say to make you stay
Baby, don't leave me
You've been so kind
It blows my mind to know
Oh, girl, I really hurt you

Tell me, girl, it's not too late
And you give me a chance to make it up to you
Don't take your love from me
Girl, don't take your love, no
Don't take your love, oooooh

Girl, if you take your love away from me
I'm gonna be in misery
Your love is the strength that I lean upon
How will I make it when it's gone
Of all the little things I wanted to say
I really wanted to do
Girl, this time
Oooh, oh, girl, I really mean it

(* Repeat with ad lib and fade)
Dainos įrašo informacija:
  • Produced by Willie Hutch
  • Arranged by Gene Page