Music And Me

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Autoriai: Jerry Marcellino, Mel Larson, Don Fenceton, Mike Cannon
Albumo pavadinimas: Music & Me
Išleidimo metai: 1973
Trukmė: 2:35
Dainos žodžiai:
We've been together for such a long time now
Music, music and me
Don't care whether all our songs rhyme
Now music, music and me

Only know wherever I go
We're as close as two friends can be
There have been others
But never two lovers
Like music, music and me

Grab a song and come along
You can sing your melody
In your mind you will find
A world of sweet harmony

Birds of a feather will fly together
Now music, music and me
Music and me
Dainos įrašo informacija:
  • Produced by Mel Larson and Jerry Marcellino
  • Arranged by James Anthony Carmichael