Who's Lovin' You

Song information

Author: William „Smokey“ Robinson
Album title: Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5
Year of release: 1969
Duration: 3:57
When I had you
I treated you bad and wrong, my dear
And girl, since, since you went away

Don't you know I sit around
With my head hangin' down
And I wonder who's lovin' you

I-I-I-I, I-I-I should have never, ever
Ever made you cry
And girl, since, since you've been gone
(* Repeat)

Life without love is oh so lonely
I don't think, I don't think I'm gonna make it
All my life, all my love, yeah
It goes to you only
Come on take it, girl
Come on take it

Because I-I-I-I, all I can do
All I can do since you've been gone is cry
And do you, and ever wonder
Or worry your pretty little head 'bout what I do

(* Repeat with ad lib and fade)
Song recording information:
  • Produced by Bobby Taylor
  • Arranged by David Van DePitte